Vinny IV Vinces performance plasma cut work subaru

Vinny Guardino IV

Vinny Guardino is the son of Owner Vince, and has been around the automotive industry his whole life. Vinny has been full time at Vince’s Performance since 2002, and thoroughly enjoys what he does, day in and day out. Vinny claims, “It’s not work, when you love what you do.” He strives to give 110% everyday when he walks through the doors, and is far from afraid of a challenge, or to get down and dirty on anything that may need it. Vinny has three children Vinny V, Vanessa, and Vito, a step son Nathan and a wonderful girlfriend Amanda, That he enjoys spending time with when not working. Vinny is Pennsylvania State Certified in State Inspections & Emissions, and loves, “really any kind of motor work on the Chevy 3.1L engines.”  His father took him under his wing at a young age, and taught him almost everything he knows, and they will continue to learn and grow with the coming years.



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