Vince Guardino III


Vince Guardino is the Owner and Operator of Vince’s Automotive Performance. He has been in the Automotive business for 35+ years, but has roots in it that date back to a young child, working on vehicles with his brothers and father Vince II. Vince has owned his own shop since 1992 and has been keeping it strong ever since. He is father to his only son Vinny IV and husband to his wife Keekee. He not only is the head honcho at the shop, but is also a mentor to many of the young guys that step foot on his floor, teaching and grooming them to be able to make it in the automotive business.  While he enjoys working on all vehicles, Vince is a very passionate Chevy, 5.7L engine enthusiast, and wouldn’t prefer anything else in his own vehicles. Vince is the complete package of business man, role model, and master technician here at Vince’s Performance, and he is a huge reason for the success of the shop.

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