Caleb Greer

Caleb Greer, is an extremely experienced and well versed technician here at Vince’s. Caleb has been fixing things since he was a young buck growing up in Virginia. He started becoming a mechanic when he was 16 years old which is 17 years in the automotive industry for him now. Caleb has a daughter Kira, who he loves spending time on the weekends, and after hours. Caleb, along with being a Pennsylvania state certified Emissions Inspector, and State Inspection Inspector, he is a Certified Volvo, and Mitsubishi Fuso Master Technician as well. Being that he worked on Diesel trucks for a good bit of his automotive career Caleb says that is what he enjoys working on the most. Being one of the master techs here at Vince’s, Caleb sets a professional, and knowledgeable standard that is hard to imitate without genuine love and passion for the business.


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