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Here at Vince’s we offer a plethora of alignments services on almost all vehicles. We have a state of the art alignment rack and machine, that can align any vehicle with up to a 210 inch wheel base, and up to 28 inch wheels. Vehicles can be aligned with front end alignments, and four wheel alignments as well. All alignment purposes we can handle, whether it be shim kits, camber bolts, or even replacing suspension, and/or steering parts, to make sure that the alignment will be true. Not only can we align passenger vehicles, but we can also align Side By Side UTV’s! Any Polaris, Can-am, or equivalent can be aligned to keep your tires and suspension parts from wearing unevenly.

Front End Alignments : $79.95

Four Wheel Alignments: $119.95

UTV/Side by Side Alignments: $109.95

Give us a call with any questions or concerns pertaining to alignments, or work that needs to be done to your vehicle.